When I saw this picture, I didn’t credit. There will be possessed the spirit of Kate Moss to the singer Kylie Minogue? Or perhaps is that its fiercest competition, the Queen of pop, Madonna, He has confessed him the real secret of success and has realized that to succeed, must seem younger. Much much more.

It is not worth to be elegant or look like a lady. It should adopt a casual look and let die Lady chic touch. And here we see it with a tracksuit adidas and praying to the kabbalah, is nothing. But is that it gives great printing see the Australian with a look that seems removed from the cover of their first album, back in the eighties, when he sang that The Loco-motion.

And it is not that I seem to go wrong, I love the boots and shirt of The Police, depends on how, isn’t bad; We are going the same look elsewhere surely seem barbaric but she, of course, prefer it thousand times of Yves Saint-Laurent.