The Super Bowl is to the United States what a classic at the end of the League and with the title at stake, i.e., quite a spectacle. Time freezes, issued during the party ads reach astronomical figures and there is no celebrity that does not let them see the field that afternoon. On this occasion the Super Bowl 50 was Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars guest stars, and the memes on their looks and performances have not wait, God save Twitter!!

Lady Gaga, the Queen of memes

Undisputed protagonist of the most comical memes of the Super Bowl, the singer Lady Gaga He chose a suit jacket and pants in metallic red colour of the Gucci firm who was the target of all the jokes published on social networking site Twitter.

The photograph of the singer next to Dolly Parton It became viral just minutes after his appearance on the scene. It didn’t matter that Lady Gaga was singing the national anthem, the fury of Twitter had unleashed.

The fairy godmother from Shrek He also had his moment of glory thanks to the comparison between this cartoon red dress and look chosen by the singer.

Say about the reasonable resemblance between Lady Gaga and? Effie Trinket in the saga The hunger games?, in the Super Bowl, there were memes for all tastes.

It even came to compare the singer with a Pokemon, more specifically (and here comes out my freak side), Blaziken, with which its look kept a great similarity.

Beyonce stole the show

The show mid was land of Beyoncé. The celebrity chose a look consisting of a jacket of Dsquared2 and jewelry as an ammo belt cross of Lorraine Schwarz. It was his way of pay tribute to the late Michael Jackson, Although social networks found more relationship with Patricio, the faithful friend of the cartoon Bob Esponja.

The eternal question: what about Coldplay and Bruno Mars?

As for Coldplay and Bruno Mars, there is little to add about them. They were the forgotten event and many admit that their action was a big bluff.

However, Twitter It also gave them the honour of starring in some of its memes. He managed to sneak Oreo a product placement in the? Super Bowl 50 without that “nobody” will give does?, many feel that this moment well could have been sponsored by the well known brand of cookies.

The general feeling (also extendable to Bruno Mars) was this last picture, and is that only the actions of Lady Gaga and Beyonce did applaud like mad to delivered the party public, do you would have noticed difference without the show of? Coldplay and Bruno Mars?, many believe that not.