After a week of voting, the poll to choose our tacky bowling least favorite has been closed and we have results that give to Lady Gaga as a winner the second edition of our dear awards. In this way, the British singer is the second awarded following the inauguration of Courtney Love in January.

And is that Lady Gaga I had everything in their favor to win the award since her outfit consisting of an inner bra and a skirt of pvc was disastrous. It has achieved nothing less than 318 votes, 30% of the total in an edition that has been more tough than the first and where participation has been overwhelming: more than 1063 votes total.

The second and third place of the award gives the right to be the bridesmaids of the Tacky bowling alley of the month and that has fallen in Beyonce Knowles with 287 votes (27%) with their remembered appearance at the Oscars and in Teyana Taylor with 269 votes (25%), novel among the public but peculiar, serious candidates to victory.

Behind them, in fourth place, all the guests at the Gala TP with 228 votes (21%).

The four big names of the award have located a great distance from the rest, since the fifth is Miriam Díaz Aroca with 119 votes (11%) after passing through the Goya and sharing sixth place two women tied to votes (and that it was difficult): Katy Perry and Eli Jackson, with 101 votes each (10%). Is that you not with Hello Kitty, Katy Perry wins the prize.

In the HomeStretch, the eighth takes place Victoria Beckham with only 58 votes (5%) to your Cruella D look ’ Vil, the ninth is for Paz Vega with 33 votes During his tenure in the Goya, and the tenth (3%) for The Ting Tings with 18 votes (2%) at the NME Awards. Names that close the Second Edition of the prize bowling tacky.

Thanks to everyone for participating! Now to continue with the March issue, where already there are three candidates.