Landmarks in Salt Lake City, Utah

Landmarks in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Landmarks of Salt Lake City. The most important and interesting sights of Salt Lake City – photos and videos, descriptions and reviews, location, sites.

You should probably start your acquaintance with the city from its Capitol. He, although inferior to Washington, is still quite impressive. Plus, the Capitol is located in a pretty park overlooking downtown, and around are several memorials and a pond. Guided tours of the Capitol are free and run every hour on weekdays.

Another city landmark of a similar nature and remarkable architectural merit is the Salt Lake City and County Government Building. It stands out with its 78 m high central tower, on which the statue of Colombia is installed. Inside, there are more than 100 rooms on four floors. Both the interiors of the building and its exterior are interesting: it was built as if in opposition to the Salt Lake Mormon temple and is therefore very richly decorated. See citypopulationreview for state facts, symbols and history of Utah.

The aforementioned temple, from whichever side you look, is considered one of the main, if not the main, architectural landmark of the city. He and the Temple Square on which he stands are the very heart of downtown and the whole of Salt Lake City. It is home to the world center of the LDS Mormon Church. The temple makes an incredibly strong impression in itself, but its territory is quite interesting. On it, in particular, is the Church History Museum, which is free to visit, and where you can learn from the permanent exhibition everything about the Mormons, from Joseph Smith to their arrival in the territory of present-day Utah.

Another attraction related to Utah’s history as a Mormon state is This Is the Place Historical Park, which has a large stone obelisk honoring the original settlers at the very spot where their long journey here from Illinois ended.

One of the interesting places in the city is the University of Utah. Its campus is home to several of the city’s most important landmarks.

Sugar House is one of the oldest and most interesting mixed commercial-residential areas. It is located approximately between State Street (west), 2100 East (east), 1700 South (north), and 2100 South (south). In recent years, the most hipster and simply youth fashion stores in Salt Lake City have become concentrated here.

The five-star Grand America Hotel at the south end of downtown is often considered one of the finest in the country. At least we can say that it is one of the most beautiful city hotels (perhaps not only in the country). Inside you can see, according to some estimates, the most expensive chandeliers and mirrors in the entire Western Hemisphere.

In particular, the Grand America Hotel has one mirror that cost one million USD.

The Reuben Fleet Science Center includes several institutions that are of interest to both adults and children. Firstly, this is the Clark Planetarium, where there are also free expositions. Secondly, the Children’s Museum, which is a modern classic: interactive play and educational scientific expositions for children.

One of the interesting places in the city is the University of Utah. Its campus is home to several of the city’s most important landmarks. For example, these are the Natural History Museum of Utah, famous for its Jurassic dinosaur skeletons, the Art Museum, whose collections include about 20 thousand exhibits, starting from the era of the ancient world, and the Olympic Stadium.

Gardens and parks

The gardens and parks of the city also deserve attention. Central Park is called Liberty, and there are many places for entertainment and recreation, including playgrounds and courts, as well as jogging tracks and picnic areas. The park is famous for the fact that many drummers gather here on Sundays during the summer season. In addition, there are several historical buildings here, such as the Tracy poultry house (it still operates as a poultry house today) or the old mill of Isaac Chase and the Chase House, where a museum exhibition is open.

Another interesting park is Jordan Park, where the Garden of Peace between the countries is located. This garden was created by the national communities that are represented in Utah. Every year, one country set up its own garden in the park with plants and buildings characteristic of it; In total, there were 28 such kindergartens.

Landmarks in Salt Lake City, Utah