When you look in my closet you might think really, I had not much on the hat, which also somehow true, with festive occasions, but every now and then I swing dance of course very well with pleasure. I wear this sweater, usually jeans and flat shoes, sometimes even by mistake but at most a T-Shirt, precisely because sometimes somehow was any hint of Aufbrezelei for the ton. That should change soon, tell my girlfriends, and also that we us finally another kill in the collective and cocktails could slurp. But like. When I namely honest, gelustet’s me lately anyway after a bit more grace, or better said: after a bit more bling bling in my listening life, because if not then, when otherwise. To bring even more pressure in the game, there is also an extensive Silvestersause in the House; the motto: RAAR!. Na super.

Although I know to the major points of contact, but between all the Christmas collections somewhere still a Pearl must hide, not hanging on each tube. My friend Melina, who now lives in Paris, chirped me. That label BA & SH rise that there over just on the branch was and who would have thought that throws on December 1 his #ninepm collection on the market. And Yes, even though I’m not a big fan of the vast majority party creations, I must admit to admire the above Eurex dress just tidy.

For the two founders of the French label, Barbara & Sharon, the most memorable evenings never begin practical way before 21: 00, why have devoted themselves to the two match now the most beautiful hours between day and night to my plight and designed a 11-part collection: #NINEPM. At first glance the above creations, I have jumped right in the eye, so an asymmetric dress would eventually also its charms.

The rest I’m not sure, but I’m keeping the launch date still in the mind just as the current collection of BA & SH, which really provides more precise browsing the one or other favorite piece. But now time tells me: the above dress would actually be a new year’s Eve option, or i’ve missed me hard?

The #ninepm collection is available from December 1st.