It is not 90s longer. Match!

The abuse of matching shoes and belts did it gladly in the 90s, while still had the large jeans, fleece sweater and sneakers when they wanted to dress up a little. In short, do not like the 90s!

Always match the belt with the shoes is a simple rule to keep in mind, and that is something that makes incredibly big difference in the final outcome. An outfit where you see the matching belt with the shoes will always make five times as thought through and well planned out.

Simplify by focusing on the basic colors

For simplicity, you should focus on to have a pair of black and a pair of brown shoes (for dressy shoes dressed winter “boots”) and a belt in the same color as the shoes.
Brown and black are the two most common colors and they are also those that will be easiest to match, both with new shoes and clothes.

How do you do with the belt when you do nothave dressy shoes?

If you use Sneakers much you’ve probably jeans on you, or possibly bright chinos. For such a combination you should have belts of textile. They are not as neat and here you do not necessarily match the color which can often be more or less impossible because trainers often very colorful, or a mix of lots of different colors.