“Woman. Imperfect”, thus starting the allegation that Michelle Jenner revolutionized Instagram just a few days ago. We, the women, why have to make-up, plucking us, wear this or that way, to be accepted?, Why do they not need of so many punches? And worst of all: why after all these procedures by which we pass every day, we continue breaking a lance for real beauty?

22 Jan, 2016 (s) 1:15 PST

“Woman. Imperfect.

Touch take pictures… Let’s get ready!
Epilating. You’re imperfect. All those hairs should not be there. On the head, you’ll never have enough (less @nurigago)

Today they play photos. Your partner is ready in two minutes. He is a man, you don’t need all that, he is handsome as it is. You? Maybe you’re presentable in hour and a half. You know, you’re a woman, imperfect. Cover the Eyecup, unifies the skin, hide that embarrassing grain, Oh that wrinkle!, paints the eyebrow, put more tabs in the tabs, curling them with an instrument of torture, more eye-liner to mark eye, Rouge, perfect mouth, illuminator in strategic areas, rimmel as if there were a tomorrow.
The hair, so straight and so without grace… More loops, more volume, more more, more extensions.
Now, as you can see you a little better. Because you need it, because you want to. Because you feel imperfect.

The clothing. What chest so small! Is that cellulite? Something that is sexy, feminine, sophisticated, and of course most uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold. And heel, you are short and have to Stylize. No matter if you are on the verge of falling down or bleed you feet. You’re a woman, imperfect.
Now smile, natural.
Now look at that magazine: ‘real women like us’, but that not, that has cellulite and is horrible. That one either, you’ve seen what toes!, and that hence has slightly fallen ass. Is it possible to not give you shame output as well. But, Hey, we like real women. Love you as you are. But you don’t have dark circles, wrinkles, or hairs where does not touch fat or tetas small, not many years (if you have them does not appear), a very large or very small ass, or nail biting, or, already put too many ideas. But to love you.

And tomorrow you work and lift up you time and media before by their own free will because you have to shave you, makeup, comb, dress yourself. Because thus you look well, and pretty, and female. Because you want it. Because if do not you feel naked, rare, ugly, poorly. Because you feel so awhile as it is assumed that you should be.
Because you do not know or why or how but you take it recorded up to the marrow.

Because you’re a woman. Imperfect”

With this text Spanish actress made very clear its stance to the objectification of women and the treatment of the same subject to more restrictions than their peers of the opposite sex. Not only in the field of magazines, modeling, or interpretation, but in everyday life, in our environment, our routine.

Pressure, pressure and more pressure. Dress cute, right, but simple, without stridency. Go made-up, but without excess which is not noticeable too, but tape imperfections. Join the gym, you need to have a body 10. Eat healthy, watch that your diet is balanced, sleep eight hours a day, drinking plenty of water, and check out the superfoods that are growing in popularity. And After 20 years, what will remain of all this?

Beauty is something accessory, a plus that is there but that just fade with time as we know it. Not everything is solved to hit stroke and Rouge and the attraction is something to grow beyond these guidelines set by the society. Read, learn, succeed, that is also beauty.

Maybe we should shorten times wanting to us as we are, accepting us without that rimmel more, without those 20 minutes with the plates in his hand smoothing the stubborn locks or those dilemmas facing the closet trying to answer that I get turn.

Accept us more. Love ourselves a little more, a little better.