No, no, no I’m not a bad word about Coachella to lose. From such a Line-Up because some other music event can cut off times a thick slab. But anyone who believes that the bands and artists on the stage here to play the first violin, powerfully wrong. Because rather than Weltacts such as Florence and the machine, Madonna or Lykke Li, who is here each other manicured the microphone into the hands, are the highlight of the two consecutive weekends in April. Also not the most evenly gemahteste lawn the world that every professional golfer would cause tingling in the hands. And no, not the most festive dream magic decoration is characteristic of the mother of all music festivals in the Palm-Palm Springs.

No, where other worlds of the Festival, the predominant image is namely folding chairs, plastic cups, or fully broken tents, are here clearly cameras and at least fashionable AA celebrities that look like before cameras. At least a photographer comes on every celebrity. The lens density is 100%. Each of them hoping for a picture of himself with fringe dress under the Coachella posts on the net, with whom the fashion blogs and social media channels are crammed in these days. And among them was also the wonderful Kate Bosworth, this year the I will hereby present for her braided hairstyle the Cochella Cup in the category beauty. Although my season will look different, so much is certain: with more modders and less mobile reception – this hairstyle earned something from to be styled after. It has become a French variant of the delicate Bosworth Festival lichens Apex and it was also not so hard – look: the 4 steps to styling version:

  1. Pull a centre parting
    2. 1 cm left and right of the Centre parting each pull a further peak. All hair in the middle are well put together and needs, the rest has break.
    3. now start from the vertex on the back of the head to tight French braid – always in the top track forward remain
    4 arrived two strands left and right on the face long lead front and stuck with clips

finished! Festival season hairstyle: is.