New Soles Makes Timberland Boots Even More Comfortable

Congratulations to all Timberland fans! The new sul technology Sensor Flex is finally here and make the boots more comfortable, softer and lighter.

For many, a steady boot a must in winter. The stable shoes do not only keep you steady despite the snow and slippery roads, they are also stylish classic that will suit any outfit in your closet. Timberland is a footwear brand that is known for its semi-high boots with a rounded toe. This year they launched their new sul technology they dubbed the Sensor Flex, which is an alternative to Timberland’s classic rubber soles.

Sensor Flex midsole took three years to develop, and the result is a sole made of EVA foam that provides both cushioning and flexibility. This means that the sole is much softer and more comfortable to walk on, almost like a sneaker, while it makes the shoe weighs much less.

3 reasons why you will love Sensor Flex sole

  1. It provides stability

The first layer of the sole provides foot support and stability, so that you can run and take shelter from the snowballs in a snowball fight without the risk of spraining the foot.

  1. The sole is really comfortable

The second layer of the foot sole for cushioning and resilience where you need it most. Forget therefore soles that feel dumb after going in the same shoes for a whole day – and say hello to boots that give you the extra boost for each step.

  1. They provide cruel grip

The third and outermost layer of the outer sole is extremely flexible to be able to walk and stand firmly on all types of surfaces. The tracks in the raw rubber sole is a bit variable and can therefore adapt to the surface, so you do not have to worry about slipping whether it is rainy weather, slippery ground or rocky terrain.  Timberland boots that are fitted with Sensor Flex technology is available in several models and colors for you to find your favorite. HERE you can find whole range of shoes from Timberland.