Preparing for the Heat of High Summer: Bermuda

What would be of men in the summer if it weren’t for the shorts? Women dribble the heat this season merciless with skirts and light dresses, but the ward is male, in his few moments of relaxation, opt for bermuda, as for work we can not give us this luxury.

Preparing for the Heat of High Summer Bermuda

If you are thinking of renovating your stock whether by necessity or simple desire to wear something new, here are our tips to have a stockpile of the piece and still use it on several occasions:

1 – Tissues

The cotton already has his place guaranteed, the twill is traditional, but those who walk, opening up space on the shelves and macaws of the stores is flax, with its lightness, freshness, and distinctive ring, the few is coming back to do part of the day-to-day of the man. Lucky for us, because, although you knead too much, the fabric has style and class to assemble beautiful combinations.

The models to get in the water can be synthetic fabrics, but the advantage is that they are developed for this purpose, drying quickly and giving freedom of movement.


2 – Colors

The tones of straw, khaki and moss green are a sure bet, but the summer of this year once more behind vibrant colors like orange, royal blue, magenta and brown “tile”. If you get along well with color, invest in one of these, if not, continue in the traditional, they never go out of fashion and go well with almost everything!


3 – Prints and patterns

In the city are still more cool plain, or with some standard discrete. In the case of a bermuda tailoring, I think the pinstriped perfect, but a Prince of Wales or Window Pane also work. The chess is also very much values the visual, especially the mixam vivid colors and clear, however be careful to match parts discrete, so as not to create a look too heavy.


4 – Modeling

If the silhouette of the men’s clothing is getting more and more dry suits, jackets and pants, here it could not be equal: the bermuda office who accompany us for years give way to the charge of the flat, creating less volume of the body, contributing, also, with who is overweight or has legs that are too thick.

Another good investment are the breeches in the tailor shop, because your style more preppy can help you compose a visual fresh, but it lined, ideal for strolls at the mall or the one spent in a bar during the afternoon.

In both cases the length of the piece may be slightly above the knee.


5 – On the beach

If the program of the day includes a stop at the beach, a good option can be the models of bermuda water with the face of the bermuda trip, your visual more stylish, you can ensure a good combination that you can take the foot of the sand and move to a more urban if that is the case. I’ve seen parts of this kind of Billabong, Rip Curl and Quiksilver, which means that the majority of Surf Stores should have at least one copy to offer.

Note: we already talked about here, but let’s get back to this subject. If you will enter in the sea, use a swimsuit in place of underwear, the fabric designed for use in the water is drying much faster than cotton that serves as a raw material for the majority of male underwear, ensuring that you, after entering the sea, do not stay half of the day with their lower parts soaked.


Soon we will speak of combinations with shorts for a hot day!