PT Staffan: Why I Love Dcores Odorless Workout Clothes

Dcores workout clothes are treated with Polygiene, which means that they do not smell after you sweat in them. PT Staffan is one of those who stuck to them.

It is of course perfectly normal to sweat when you work out. But maybe you have noticed that it very quickly becomes a mountain of washing workout clothes at home? But now is a good solution to the problem: polygiene. It is an anti-odor treatment Dcore makes 90 percent of its garments. Then you can work out at them several times, without the risk to smell bad.

Sweat itself is odorless, it is when it comes in contact with clothes and it gets hot and humid as bacteria and fungi occur – and there’s that smell. Polygiene prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi while being kind to the skin.

– I’m extremely pleased with how well the treatment works to remove unwanted odors and how environmentally friendly Polygiene is compared to other options, says Adam Tell, CEO of Dcore, who has been convinced about the function after the extensive testing done on polygiene.

the treatment is permanent and can withstand at least 100 washes. It is also approved by the EU’s REACH Blue Sign and Oeko-tex. Moreover, it is good for the environment that you do not need to wash as often. Then you will use less water, energy and clothes longer life.

One of those who love Dcores workout clothes treated by polygiene Staffan Eklund, better known as PT Staffan, which has nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram. Works really polygiene? – Yes, absolutely! Undoubtedly. I can understand if you’re a bit skeptical about it at first, it sounds almost too good to be true. But it really works. You who have tested Dcore garments Polygiene-treated knows exactly what I mean, says Staffan Eklund. Why do you like to have odor-free workout clothes? – Then I in my profession as a personal trainer daily active and instructs customers and clients, it’s the top having the knowledge that the clothes you are wearing is completely odorless. How often do you wash your workout clothes from Dcore? – So really, I would certainly be able to use it 15 times without the smell, but I wash about once a week and then I without thinking about it throw down Dcore garments in the laundry basket on the fly, even though they do not need to be washed as often. Maybe I should pull myself there and think more about the environment. If you notice, unlike other brands, which are not treated with Polygiene? – Yes, absolutely, I notice much difference. Many other garments must be washed after and more often if you compare. Today, I use basically just Dcore garments in my training. I love them precisely because it is so smooth and I also saves a lot of time because I do not need to wash as often. The time I spend on fun things, like exercising, for example, haha. Have you gone so far that you skip Deon?

– Well, yes, nai, as we say at home on Gotland. If I am to be completely honest, I’m too vain to skip Deon, even if it is not needed! It feels good to feel fresh!