We had seen her taking the bare pants, but its size, although now, knowing that it is normally she which dictates rules of street style, Rachel Bilson, It was passed to the fashion of two carvings; to me the truth is that it still does not convince me, don’t believe that favour too, she Yes, that is very thin and very narrow bone, and I recognize that they are comfortable, avoid that sit and feel the oppression of the zipper and button, but I will not be that points to that steal pants to my boyfriend , among other things, because don’t let me them.

Katie Holmes, that has seen that the Beckham effect has landed on it and has marked tendency, I went back to the wide pants just see all media spoke of his fondness of pick you the jeans to Tom, and I think that it should go against any of cienciologas standards..but after the width, is the narrow,

with much success, the mother of Suri, It has returned to its origins: to the skinny. And change is estupend. To others that the look is full simply perfect, especially this black blazer that is plated. Shoes, patent leather ballerinas, are my only but.