A few days ago I was surprised to see to the Princess Letiza with a handkerchief Palestinian when they opened the Center for research, development and research (r & d) of Grupo Siro in The Espinar (Segovia). Perhaps was it the tendency of Palestinians to all kinds of people regardless of classes and even less official acts?

The truth is that it is a tissue that I see not very flattering. Having so many models for women I never choose that. Hence you have preferred to choose my 5 looks from street with scarves featured for this fall-winter 2010 / 2011 with the intention of giving other ideas and avoid as well the Palestinian fashion.

A short and formal handkerchief

For the Demi-season a perfect look is that incorporates a leather jacket and a handkerchief thin and short to avoid the cold. Just enough, without to overwhelm and without passing either, a term which denotes style. It is amount the choice of the knot since talk of our style, better take it as in the picture.

Looks of street with long scarves

For those who like more extensive measures there is the option of opting for a long scarf give several turns around the neck. Nothing carry it by dragging for cleaning the floor, so better not to carry it. The trick is to take it loose around his neck, without that it may clog and suffocate us by the heat that gives.

The combination mark the handkerchief. in this case to be beige we have the perfect excuse to opt for game pants and a striped t-shirt style sailor.

Striped scarves

Similar to the first insight is that we see in the picture with a perfect look for halftime. Handkerchief thin and in muted tones, for the autumn, with a return to the neck and stripes as design. The choice of the denim jacket is ideal for this time of unexpected cool, like the jeans and the dancers.

Scarves printed in the streetstyle

The printed scarf It is one of those who are in fashion this season. In a matter of handkerchiefs is already a classic and one of the choices that I most recommend. I love it when combined with also printed dresses, with floral and add a black blazer game with stockings and dancers.

Ribs for autumn

Such a mania with the fretwork does that we can forget one of the fashion trends for fall-winter 2010 / 2011, since in all brands will see them if you are looking for a little bit. The frets are well comfortable and long scarves. So not you will have cold.