On the search after alternative healthy and beautiful makers, your favorite scratch brush Scalamari Jane has a tried and true classic, brand again “to Grandma’s times”, hervorgekramt out from the cellar: the old dry brush.

Admitted that sounds about as dusty as deadened feet, actually you can use them but precisely, however, – namely for a totally exciting, crazy exciting and so healthy blood circulation in the whole body and to stimulate the circulatory system plus on top of that fluffy soft, delicate skin. But as always everything once in sequence:


Dry brushing? What is it anyway?

As we all know, the lymphatic system has no pump and works only on the basis of motion and gravity. In contrast to for example, the blood that flows through the pumping of the heart through the veins, we help our largest and second-favorite organ, the skin, so scary, if we it in their “movement” help a bit with the removal of pollutants.” This works quite fine with the method of dry brushing. The heart circulation is stimulated and stimulates the autonomic nervous system. By the gentle brushing of the skin, the pores are opened, the body becomes comfortably warm and the organism comes into the swing. Supposedly to prevent cellulite, and even quite a few other Zimperlein.

How do I the?

The rule of thumb is: delete long strokes with pressure always at the heart and without pressure back stroke (as shown in the elaborate, heart-rending graphic is).
As the name suggests already smart, is dry brushed over the body – before the shower or the bath. Places such as the thigh quiet often times top pull, as do we promote Yes much blood flow, or not?

Starts with the outside of his right foot up to the waist. Then the inside of the right foot, as well as the sole of the foot to the step. Then zurϋck the right arm from the back of the hand to the shoulder and to the inside. Then forget the whole thing with the left arm – not Palms! Depending on the request, using a circular motion in a clockwise direction brush the Popo, the breast, belly and thighs. The back is criss -cross gepampert.

OK, what I need for this?

, I got a simple brush from the DM to the corner of Ebelin worried – let’s three euro have been – there’s but also the luxury variants, which are then called energy brush with bristles made of bronze and natural bristles such as this one. A Loofah glove are suitable but also wonderfully. Otherwise one needs nothing – except perhaps a helpful people for the back region.


, The skin is really super circulates blood – the awake mode switches and me with the Rumgebürste now on active – therefore it is not for the evening to recommend. It has become a small, fine gesture between sleep and day which are the head and body can agree on everything there may come. By supporting movement of the brush, the circulation is stimulated. The skin is smooth and free from dead skin cells – ingrown hairs also no longer have a chance. A beautiful and especially super simple method for people like me, who in the morning otherwise never do not (want to) come into the slippers. Also prima gained can be combined with my other love morning ritual of oil dragging.

Happy Streiche(l)n!