Start you love skin, you may very soon again? I do not know whether is the weather, or simply to the fact that my face is currently in the second spring, but a pimple chasing just the next. As my youthful recklessness on the skin may not fade at the moment, are of these days only a secret weapon – and who came more than launched: Diorskin nude air. The liquid luck, so delicate in his face melts, thoroughly covering and seems doing so weightless, that I will never again give it. A makeup so that by me the predicate “secret life saver” earned – and the, although I’m actually rather in the use of colour in the face of moron under the regular distributors. Vacuum pipette, unloaded on the back of the hand and bring peu à peu in the face on the spot: Zack, equally fresh! 

What else still beauty technically difficult got me? Learn here that:

Diorskin – nude air serum Foundation

I have to say even more about this? I was so far really even not a giant fan of makeup, unsightly edges and crumbly chunks. Get recommended samples!

Kamal’s – ultimate strenght and Salve

As soon as it’s out there also just a mini little is cold, my hands look the same 30 years older: early, dry and crumbling en top. Much, helps a lot, is my favorite lenses saying at this point. By Kalyani ’ s needs ’ s not so lush blobs, because is so economical strenght and salve, however, and pulls a so fast that nobody can what my hands.

Aesop – elemental facial barrier cream

J, I know: we us Aesop. If however by a beauty brand more than difficult thrilled I, then Pro with 5 letters. Your latest trick: The elemental facial barrier cream – available since January and the perfect cold and bad weather protection. What scent so pleasant Rosemary and is so economical cost significantly more than a narrow valley, for that the products meet but also a half eternity. While I’m from about half a year with the shampoo, I’m testing this cream for almost two months – and still a third not even consumed. Sustainability is fun even at beauty. Me at least.

YSL – Vernis a Levres number 23 Fuchsia Cubist

I think

That I would ever resort to lip gloss, even at the very least. Matt, Matt the mattesten slogan was long. As a result, Crumbly and unkempt-looking lips. No, rather then just care – or: Vernis à Lèvres by YSL. A gloss which flies rather easily after the time, instead of leaving mottled lips. And now all: lipglosslipglosslipgloss!

Lacoste – Eau de Lacoste Rouge

Equal to five bottles of Lacoste Messenger sent me last week: each vial was represented from white to black. My winner: Rouge. Subtle, fresh and a wonderful harbinger of summer. Hach Lacoste, I like you so