On a regular basis my skin feels again like 14: reddened, unclean and full of pimples. Actually I assumed Yes during my puberty, that this skin-chaos at some point would have an end – but at the latest upon early 20s so found myself off, this should keep most persistent state. Don’t worry, it is not so that I’m crying before the mirror when a bruise on the Chin take hold – happens Yes finally each time. My entire face but are currently looks like a streusel cake from the 8th grade is really slowly just just super annoying. Makeup over it and ready, it says now. I say: class, after two hours the reality flashes by.

You know it already: I’m no makeup professional who tired smiles with redness and briefly pulls out his brush. I’m more the outdoorsman who like to leave the House without much effort. A super helper and tip the best friend should now provide for rest in the box. And I’m already after a couple of turns of this miracle bristles around the finger wrapped: Aloah, rotating cleaning brush. I’m you with two years late now also finally discovered.

Short advance: certainly helps even a simple cleaning brush – it I came but now after my test. And well, I’ll finally also to the electronic toothbrush rather than to the good, old miniature hand brush. You know failing to competent support at this point.

Back to the new evening routine (gladly also times only every second or third day): A droplet of the amazing face cleansers on the wet brush and gently circling (mine is Brown, by the way) spread on the face. Then dry off and Scalamari Janes super tip comes on top: Egyptian Magic. From this potty fat it takes so little really, I wonder when the tub should be empty at all times.

First fear: that never moves. The morning after brings the brilliant result: Oh, Yes, and it looks it so rosy healthy that I hopefully don’t need anything more in a month, as a sunscreen and mascara. Pooh and away with the make up: naturalness, I’m coming!

And in the morning? No, in the morning the Egyptian power formula in the face seems to me – I don’t want to Yes look, as if I had a fat head.

Morning, because what matte on cheeks and forehead may: and Dior was kind to me: In the Zweischrit: only the serum and then the Dior Hydra life Pro youth cream on top (warning, silicone opponent – out here). Without this Wundermittelchen, the streusel cake is at the moment out of the House by the way: thanks a million for the daily SOS help, nude skin Foundation.

Rediscovered: body great instead of perfume simply back to the fragrance mist from & other stories access. Smells like fresh stumbled out of the shower – and allowed time and time again on the skin: fig fiction.