Frankfurt, Germany

Sights of Frankfurt, Germany


According to beautypically, Frankfurt am Main is a modern city located in the west of Germany. The presence of the European Central Bank, headquarters of several German banks and the German stock exchange make Frankfurt an important financial center within Germany and Europe. Frankfurt came out of the Second World War badly damaged, after which an almost completely new city center was created with plenty of space for greenery, beautiful pieces of architecture and reconstructions of historic buildings. Its role as the financial heart of Europe has meant that a relatively large number of banks are located in Frankfurt. The skyscrapers in which they are located have given Frankfurt the appropriate nickname Mainhattan. But Frankfurt is more than a business city. The fifth largest city in Germany also has quite a bit to offer in terms of culture. Furthermore, Frankfurt is a nice city for shopping. In addition to the well-known major brands, there is still plenty of room here for nice boutiques where you can find the latest fashion.

We show you what to see and do in Frankfurt. Frankfurt’s top 10 sights are varied and challenging. Don’t forget to purchase the cheap Frankfurt Card for your city trip to Frankfurt. With this city pass you can travel for free on public transport and get a 50% discount on entrance to museums in Frankfurt.

Frankfurt ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. View from Main Tower
This second tallest skyscraper in Frankfurt has a panoramic terrace on the roof that can be visited for a fee. The view from the roof of the Main Tower extends far beyond the city limits of Frankfurt.

#2. Main
The Main is the largest river that runs through Frankfurt. To avoid confusion with the place Frankfurt located on the Oder, “am Main” (Dutch: aan de Main) is added to the place name Frankfurt. Along the Main you have beautiful pieces of recreational area, over the Main are no fewer than 19 bridges. From some bridges, such as the Eisener Steg pedestrian bridge, you have a beautiful view of the city.

#3. Zeil
Car-free shopping street Zeil is the place for shopping enthusiasts in Frankfurt. Those who don’t come so much for shopping can admire the special architecture of the My Zeil indoor shopping center or enjoy the liveliness of this busy city on one of the many benches under the trees.

#4. Römerberg Römerberg
is located in the old town of Frankfurt (Altstadt). The square with half-timbered houses, town hall Römer and the Alte Nikolaikirche is partly a reconstruction of what the originally medieval square looked like before the Second World War. Also part of this historic heart are the Frankfurt Cathedral and St. Paul’s Church.

#5. Alte Oper
The former opera house Alte Oper is one of the few classical buildings in Frankfurt, dominated by skyscrapers and offices. Today, this impressive building hosts concerts and plays.

#6. Hauptwache
The Hauptwache was built in Baroque style in 1729-1730 and forms a striking point in the heart of Frankfurt, which is otherwise dominated by modern buildings. The guardhouse is a reconstruction of the structure destroyed during WWII. Today the building has a catering function (Café Hauptwache). The square on which the building is located and the underground metro station are named after the Hauptwache.

#7. Station
district The Bahnhofviertel consists of Frankfurt’s main train station, Hauptbahnhof Frankfurt, and the surrounding streets. Most of Frankfurt’s tourist hotels are located in this section. The red light district of Frankfurt also falls within the station district. The streets offer a wide variety of international eateries and restaurants for lovers of foreign cuisine. The station itself is a beautiful building full of liveliness, where you can enjoy a quick lunch or breakfast.

#8. Palmengarten
Botanical Garden Palmengarten Frankfurt is one of two botanical gardens in the city. With an area of ​​no less than 29 hectares (9 hectares of which are greenhouses), it is the largest botanical garden in Germany.

#9. Museumsufer
The Museumoever (‘Museumsufer’) is a museum area that runs along the banks of the Main. The area is made up of no fewer than 15 museums, including some of Frankfurt’s best museums such as the Icon Museum, the German Film Museum and the German Architecture Museum. The Museumsuferfest is held every year during the last weekend of August. During this event you can visit all participating museums for a ridiculously low amount. With over 3 million visitors within three days, this is one of the largest cultural events in Germany.

#10. Archaeological Garden
In 1953, in the center of Frankfurt, near the Römerberg, remains from the Roman era were uncovered during excavations. These archaeological finds together form the archaeological garden, which can be admired free of charge.

Frankfurt, Germany