Technology evolves at a steady pace. And within the Smart clothing that we are seeing the last few years, this prototype of Environment Dress the Palm is carried. It is of a length measuring some elements of the environment (temperature, noise, pollution, radiation) and analyzes how these affect the behavior and emotions of the people. The following will be the dress, seeing that the day has gone grey and damp, send your friends a Whatsapp “alert, approaching your friend with a mood of dogs”.

The prototype Environment Dress is the winner of “Next Things 2015 – conduct”, the fourth Global challenge for art and technology, driven by Telefónica I + d and LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. The technology of this dress is to develop, because in the future design may be even more useful for its user and the rest of population.

For example, soon the gown geolocalizara data and it will share them over the internet to be accessible globally. In addition, the dress you can customize the user (such as lights and alarm systems) and managed through a mobile application. The user may also indicate how you are feeling at all times, and the dress will be relating measurements of the environment with mood. So you can say “better not leave today’s House, which you will return with pollution that today there are sagging and depre”.

The prototype will be available from January of 2016, moment in which will be also published the instructions for making the Environment Dress on the website of the project.