It took long time until I finally gave my beauty hearing the Berlin boys and girls from the Glossybox. So far, I had even perceived a box at most on the edge that was expected and opened by the girls and women in the country over the social media channels and blogs almost always eagerly and whose contents always was a surprise. Really under your fingers it has but yet never really itch me here – yes, why not?

Maybe because I take things in hand even better, instead of being surprised? Or because I previously had the insane Macke, push me around for incomprehensible reasons mainly in the well-stocked, priceless high-end cosmetics corners? Also, because I put the name “Glossybox” in a smooth polished drawer so far quite easily now, rather than take a closer to the content to me. The reigns of Glossybox could in any case not longer leave that and hakten Edition even more precisely, to us with their special styling to work box on the may Edition aka – and they are right: as always is first tried and if at all, then be bitching. Therefore, we begin as always from scratch – and end up with a small, fine surprise for you.

Glossybox, but what is it?

Glossybox is a beauty bag – each month the Abonnent_innen in their five selected cosmetic products reach a surprise effect. A mix of evergreens, new releases, and favorite products. Magazine finds one then even all kinds of useful in the enclosed Glossybox. In your personal beauty profile you can enter online his preferences so that can grow in the box with the time. Very nice smart.

And what is it?

Surprise! Well, for once I of course show you what may in my special style Edition was:

Osis + Glamination Smooth Polish Elixir von Schwarzkopf

A styling product / / the universally acclaimed undone look to be achieved herewith + glossy, non-slip and soft fluffy hair, without to complain. 75 ml cost otherwise proud 17,50 EUR from the Schwarzkopf Professional salon. Already so often turn over ran, ha, now finally meinsmeinsmeins.

Self tanning lotion by Scientific Academy of beauty

A summer Preparator is the tinted tincture for face and body – at least of course for a summer lookalike, because protection is of course not offered. Reminiscent of coffee in texture and color. I’ll be brave and try out – and report. In the box is a contained 30 ml sample size. 100 ml price: 23.99 EUR

Nutraluxe MD lash serum

A serum to the activation of Eyelash growth with concurrent care. I would have to shell out for that fat €79.95 in the shop. PAH, Glossybox thank you.

Maybelline New York dream wonder nude makeup

Comes in the trial size and is also quite good in the enclosed booklet explains. There should be twelve times thinner than regular makeup and my skin tone is struck at first sight perfectly. In its original size, makeup costs €9.95

Demak’up wipes

As would one from gespitzelt me there secretly, I am about this product maybe even at most of all? I can’t tell you why I’m such a big fan of cleaning cloths, with the best will – in case of doubt always laziness. This one comes out anyway, even without parabens. The retail price is € 2.75.

Bottom line:

My very first Glossybox were actually small Hartato, which I will probably never came. Also the price-performance ratio is actually a real stunner. And indeed: very neat look Petra Dufkova’s illustrations on the box – the drawer is again made. Cute, high quality and beautifully made box is so definitely. Who is too much: otherwise the pleasure package in a different, simpler is applied.

The surprise effect was then actually there (damn!) And I have caught me doing as I after one hour still on the floor sat and scrutinised every detail in the box, even the enclosed sample and the product samples. Has see to you fun made with friends, Glossybox – time what the next month offer you.


But now enough chatting. After all, how can you convince best of all by the surprise effect of Glossybox? Quite exactly by you as test!

In cooperation with Glossybox we are giving away today among all commentators 3 times 1 Glossybox for testing, amazing-let and collective.

What you have to do?

You tell us just in commenting, why you should win the Glossybox.
The random number generator will immediately draw next Wednesday and you put the beauty packages in the mail box.

We keep all fingers crossed

– in friendly cooperation with Glossybox –