Max Factor, the old Beautifier Knight, came suddenly rode on his horse and hand the new Max factor masterpiece glamour extensions 3-in-1 volume mascara, to us to twist the eyes or rather: to miss the most beautiful lashes of all time. We can but not by any bewildered Max tell us what is good or not, but take a little test on heart and kidney of new Turbo mascara look directly. Scalamari-Jane-tested, so to speak.

This is but long since not all: in addition to my small self test, makeup artist Stephan Schmied betrays you on top a few secrets for the ultimate glamour look and you can it even soon even live about your innermost beauty questions squeeze. In between, there’s even more to win. Are you ready? Everything after the series and go:

First impression

Typically i’ll never, never, never to rubber brush – and why? I have absolutely no idea. I guess mere habit. On to new horizons, but admitted: the brush that gets RASP-short and long and always at the end of Gumminuppel at the beginning, first makes an amusing impression. If one gets the Futurama design award, then definitely this thing.

And what was then?

Here we go again with the superlatives: the new Max factor masterpiece glamour extensions 3-in-1 volume mascara (must you always three times in quick succession pronounce) promises the full program: long, voluminous and deep black lashes. The length, resulting in 30,000 mini fine fibers, which are in each bottle and put on the eyelash ends to extend them. The volume is produced by mini wax beads that serve as spacers between the eyelashes and the intense pigmentation is black, blacker black.


The result you see yourself, are glamorous, beautiful range, long and voluminous strumming lashes, then also the same time dramatically falling on my stroll through the supermarket. The fawn-Drama Queen look sends his regards. Bomb!

And what looks like the whole thing in the Klimper moving image? So!

Mini interview with Stephan Schmied
-Max factor makeup artist

  1. How do I still look after a long night as the flowering life?

To make the skin back up after a long night, you should start the day with a hot compress on the face and then wash your face with cold water. This tip is the ultimate direct freshness kick.

Then less is more when the makeup – with a natural look, a few sleep can be well concealed. To do this you start skin Luminzer Foundation best with a light Foundation with natural glow, like for example the Max Factor, to conjure up fresh in the face and the fatigue to announce the fight. Then, you wear a Concealer under the eyes. The applicator of the master touch concealers by Max Factor, for example, is suitable particularly well, even if it has to go in the morning quickly. Gently pat the concealer into the match under the eye and blur the contours so that result in smooth transitions to the rest of the face

Even fresher to work, is there a little highlighter on the inner corner of the eye. The highlighter “opens” the look and less tired makes the eyes.

Then you should protrude a little blush and apply mascara to the eyelashes with a mascara. Long, voluminous and deep black lashes in addition bring your eyes shine! Now a little gloss soar and is done the fresh look for all night-owls.

2 and how do I get big DOE eyes without looking like a smokey eye kitten?

To emphasize the eyes, one should choose best getting a bright colour which is more subtle and shine own eye colour. This suitable Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eye Shadows thanks to its metallic colours and their creamy texture well. When applied, it should be taken nicely to mix the colors and to model such depth and to create smooth transitions. In addition, you can pull a thin eyeliner above the lashes with an eyeliner (E.g. Colour excess eyeliner) and apply a bright eyeliner on the lower waterline. Maximum shine to make the eyes, you should apply then highlighter in the inner corner of the eye. Highlights not only make your eyes shine, let them appear visually larger. For the ultimate deer eyes look strong with the Max Factor then the eyelashes glamour extensions apply mascara to mascara!

  1. The lipstick won’t keep, fraying and deformed lips – tips & tricks for a piqued pout?

For the perfect pout you first removed with a cosmetics cloth and oil-free makeup remover cream residue and balm of the lips. So the lipstick last longer.

Then Max Factor Lipfinity and allow a minute to dry the color slightly open mouth. Then apply the nourishing topcoat. Makes for a beautiful shine and the lips feel smooth all day. Your lipstick holds up to 24 hours.

Is another trick, first with a lip liner to outline his lips before it then is a lipstick (such as Max factor colour Elixir Lipstick in Ruby Tuesday) with the help of a brush. To fix you powder off his lips at best a little with a transparent powder. So the lipstick is extra long and fraying.

Thanks dear Stephen, it is never too late to learn!

And now have your – questions & Win!

On March 25, 14 to 15:30 you can throw your long-cherished beauty questions around the ears the professional and he will answer you live here. And if you have noticed myself looking for a round of good being after all the eyelashes-beauty talk, its now one of three sets of Max factor makeup can (masterpiece glamour extensions pastel compact blush, mascara, skin Luminizer Foundation, Lipfinity) win:

1 tell us that just the comment bar, what beauty questions burned you always see the nails …

  1. And puts you firmly until Friday, the 27.03.2015, the beauty fiddling
  2. Then appoints Max Factor * even the lucky winners

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