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For the autumn/winter 2011-2012, miss Simmons d clare wanting to mix references the Victorian re and snap the sexual revolution of the sixties, in order to extract the mod the goth british flavor ‘.

As the diff annuities pi these of her dressing room feature a look successively main re (shots of fine jewels Recalling the jewels of Queen Victoria), so 1900 (playing on the gimmick of the boot heels highly e Lake), or even cleverly rockabilly (via some vocateurs details such as zips, l Leopard patches or studs nurse).

We also note the presence of subtle mutations shoesesques, infusing a dose of modernity of the mod the classic. We think including those pumps priori without history (which, in countering is to a l g Pompom slightly too long, d rogent somewhat to the Protocol), but also to the decline brogues are in heels pais and high s perch.