Fort Lauderdale Florida

Fort Lauderdale – Florida’s Sunny Gateway to the Everglades

Anyone dreaming of a carefree, casual summer vacation in Florida should definitely shortlist Fort Lauderdale. The eighth largest city in the popular US state, nicknamed “Sunshine State”, has everything that makes a great beach vacation – and a little more.┬áSee for acronyms about Fort Lauderdale. Because Fort Lauderdale is recommended not only with wonderful […]

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Golf Club of Houston

Houston Texas Travel Guide

Houston, the “Space City”, is the fourth largest city in the USA and home to NASA and the Johnson Space Center. In addition, the city offers numerous attractions, such as the 17-block theater district, over 18 different museums or the diverse restaurant landscape that leaves nothing to be desired. This abundance already gives an idea […]

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United States Public Policy

Current policy United States is a country located in the region of North America. Republican Donald Trump took office in 2017 and essentially runs typical right-wing politics, with tax cuts and liberalization. However, with a burdus and unpredictable appearance, he differs radically from former presidents and his suitability is questioned by many. But when he […]

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