The layers they are one of the outerwear of the season, and now is the best time to wear them. Temperatures are neither too high nor too low and this Spring clothing It is perfect to cover the first fresh days of fall with a casual style.

Therefore on the street began to see the girls with more style, and stores offer us several possibilities, because Zara, Mango, Topshop and H & M they are quick to join this fashion.

And precisely this kind of not-too-expensive layers are chosen for the outfits that you show today.

The camel also at the layers

We already know that the camel is the color of the season, so he could not miss to dye in toast our favorite layers. All these outfits are with Zara coats in camel color. They can be combined with black, jeans, or with various types of camel.

Even the boldest can combine its coat with trousers of pressed point (courtesy of) H & M) and with a hat and a calfskin clutch complete a look with all the keys in the season autumn-winter 2010 / 2011.

You also have an example of the capa-abrigo proposed by Mango, by combining several similar shades.

Vintage coats

It is not the first time that layers become fashionable, so it is possible to rescue some cute coat in a vintage store or in the closet of our mothers or grandmothers. This girl chooses a rather long, which not suits everyone, the truth.

Military style in the layers

Green hunting and military style also spread to layers. Chosen by this girl is from ASOs. Although go without stockings is not a good idea when you tighten the morning cold, it should compensate the excessive volume of layers with pants skinny pants, miniskirts or shorts that are at the height of the layer.

Style sailor in the layers

The sailor’s style us still hanging around, and blue or black, along with details like gold buttons, layers make a garment to exploit much this fall.

This is the proposal of Mango in this style.

And in Zara Trafaluc We can find this layer half way a trenca, very preppy and collegiate style which sweeps this season.

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