Screams, sighs and tears to the purest One Direction concert configured the situation that could live at the entrance of the parade of Calvin Klein in the week of fashion in Milan. Cameron Dallas, the new bad boy aupado by social networks and pint become Justin Bieber fashion was there, the firm had invited him and fans flocked to the call en masse. But, who is Cameron Dallas really?

Cameron Dallas, new beautiful child emerged from the social

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It may be neither you nor anyone of your around has ever heard speak of this Californian young man of 21 years, however, the reaction will be another if we formulate the question above to a young teenager. Cameron Dallas He has a legion of fans mostly girls aged between 13 and 18 years old, and there is who puts it on par with Austin Mahone.

Its air of bad-boy look of skater out of “Life of Ryan” MTV program led him to achieve more than 27 million viewers in their social networks, but Cameron Dallas is not there just being a pretty face. I came and Youtube are its two main platforms, and it is that Cameron is an expert in making people with its ingenious micro laugh videos.

Is its charm, freshness and dynamism that have led to this young man to the top, to such an extent that firms like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs have welcomed him under his umbrella, inviting him to parades, parties and various presentations.

A more profitable product

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However the recognition of Cameron Dallas goes beyond the impact or engagement in social networks, just over twenty can already boast of own three Teen Choice Awards Awards in the category of Internet and have starring not a sinus two films, The expelled, that to the disappointment of many of his fans did not arrive to be released in Spain, and The outfield, which joined Nash Grier.

Such is the madness unleashed to her around that Cameron has not hesitated to take advantage of pull: the guy has his own line of products to satisfy their followers of the female sector. Pajamas, sweatshirts, t-shirts and even sheets with their photographs, this star of Internet has spared no when it comes to placate his horde of fans, even a pillow with a close-up you can sleep embraced him.

Fashion or music?, what path will choose Cameron Dallas?

29 Aug, 2015 (s) 2:42 PDT

But there is more, the shock wave of this guy has no end, and as expected, also He has tried luck in the world of music. At the moment only has a song entitled “She bad”, but who knows if we are looking at the next sensation of the scenarios.

In addition, and if all this wasn’t enough, Cameron Dallas has also made its first steps against Bryant Eslava cameras or the agent of Genetic Models, Toby Nguyen.