This 17th Edition the 080 Barcelona Fashion houses more than one surprise. The Manolo Blahnik shoe designer will be present in the national gateway presenting his book Manolo Blahnik: Celtic gestures and obsessions, and also, the Catalan company Desigual will be the sponsor of the National Award to the emergent design, increasing its endowment to 15,000 EUR.

Uneven will be provided with 15,000 euros to the winner of the national award for the emergent design.

The Casa Llotja de Mar will be the enclave where they develop this new edition of the pasarela 080 Barcelona Fashion from 1 to 5 February, where we witness the collections of more than thirty designers, which include the names of Sita Murt, Miquel Suay, Custo Barcelona or Yerse, among others.

However, this edition of the Catalan catwalk has surprised his followers, one of the creators of shoes most prestigious will be present. In the words of Miquel Rodríguez, director of the 080, “Blahnik wanted to present his book in Barcelona, and in the framework of the 080, and will do so in a very special way”, and has also added “it will include a moment of Exchange with students from schools of fashion”.

Also new talents are also in luck, the footbridge continues for them with two awards, the national award for the best collection and the national award for the emergent design. The latter will be with the Desigual signature sponsorship, It will increase its Endowment up to 15,000 euros and such and as noted by Miquel Rodríguez, “will include a program of international promotion the winner, that we can achieve in the next few months, the summer edition”.

Finally, as regards the national prize for the best collection, we find Krizia Robustella, Menchen Tomas, Ruano justice, Oscarleon, Txell Miras, Lebor Gabala, Miriam Ponsa and Celia Vela, firms that are selected for this award and the prize consisting of free and direct participation in the Edition June 2016 of the 080 Barcelona Fashion.