yes, I know. This temporary spiral strange in that immerses us fashion you are talking about currently trends this summer, the next autumn-winter, even of the resort collections for the summer 2011.

In this I can not sing the mea culpa, it is entirely impossible to say nothing of what is lurking here and there, of what’s happening now, then or later. And in this case, after showing you her shy appearance in the catalogue summer 2010 Zara I am going to talk about what is for me the trend key of the resort 2011 collections that already I have been presenting little little.

It is of the boat straw hat, also called Boater or gondolier. We saw it a few seasons ago in Marc Jacobs, in celebrities as the Sevigny, bloggers as Pandora and now in places so advanced in fashion as Japan is already a must. No doubt summer 2011 will be all yours to why not get ahead of ourselves?

Japanese girls have already done so himself in the streets of Shibuya o Tokyo. And not only I like their looks by its complement, also by touch House Prairie.

Oscar de la Renta among others, is one of the creators that has shown us in their resort 2011 collection

As well as Jason Wu, in one of my favorite collections, that showed us one of the most important trends for next fall and summer, the scarves tied around the neck.

The looks of Japanese girls have me completely fascinated. It is without doubt the favorite place where travellers coolhunters and researchers from trends to find out that in two years will be in Europe.

Kruger o Sevigny they have had a watchful eye and we’ve already seen them with the boater in two different versions of put it, tipped backward or with which you stay? What no no doubt is my favorite version is small. that it not cale hondo in the head.

The key to this trend is the following: that is of course of straw, small and adorned by some tape to which you can add the touches that are your taste. From flowers, lace or brooches.