It made us dream with your dish completo Atlantis, amaze us with their colorful and striking designs of Birds of Paradise and shudder with their obscurantist dresses of The horn of plenty dress. Alexander McQueen was magic in pure, volcanic, irrational State. It wasn’t unnoticed and his legacy gets finally the news we had hoped for some time, the confirmation of his biopic, a film based on his life and the book “Alexander McQueen: blood beneath the skin”, Andrew Wilson.

Along with this first names in charge of the project have been revealed: Damian Jones, producer of the biopic of Margaret Tatcher, The iron lady, and Pathe are the producers of the film, while the address falls on the nominated Oscar for 45 years, Andrew High. In addition, the script of the work will be carried out by Chris Urch, which although it will do so based on biography conducted by Andrew Wilson, has denied that I will be configured as an adaptation to the film of the same.

Everything seems to indicate that the film you will be in production by the end of the 2016 and that next year we can enjoy it. However, remember that it is not the first film focused on the designer, McQueen and I, directed by Louise Osmond came to light in 2011, and it should be noted that it is priceless.