There are women who would deserve to have every day the dedicated time. Each appearance her is an impeccable lesson for the world of fashion and above all for the Street style. In Great Britain there are three untouchables: Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller. Each of his output is a new style to take into account and today is again note.

He signed it precisely Sienna Miller and makes you make a slight exception to what I commented yesterday on the Paris Hilton look and the “ sheep skin ”. Since I see the leather jacket British adoption and I love it, despite the fact that in another safe person who would criticize it.

And is that carrying it with one Black mini skirt pleated, black stockings, boots of leather of the same color and an Italian-style hat made that I love the coat. Even by the great detail black ring. Best complemented could not have gone Sienna Miller, Since Chanel bag finishes off a unique style.

For something is considered one of the trendsetters most important of the moment.