Every year there are many who migrate to the West coast of the United States in April. The reason? Coachella, this festival of music where the I postureo and the famous parade take you prominence to the good music. With posters of exception, this event has been holding forces every year, and now intends to petal on the other side of the country. How? With a new festival called Panorama and celebrated in New York. Badaboom! How do you stay?

As if it were the most famous and legendary Berlin nightclub, called this new festival Panorama. And at the moment things look good: the Randall Park as a backdrop, this new festival aims to be an ode to good music, art, technology and local food. And all summarized in three days, of course. For the moment is not much more, which only take place seven weeks after the Governors Ball.

More specifically on 22-24 July. For the moment information on the poster there or anything like that, but seeing first hand what they do in Indio, able to that in New York they will follow petando.