The Famous Will Seize Glitter Rocker

If yesterday showed them that you one of the new trend in autumn and winter glitter would be glam rocker in garments and accessories, apparently the famous already are at the forefront and they seize the trend. Or maybe they read Jared and took into account our advice.

The first was Gwyneth Paltrow, a fashionista by where see it, who since his change of image with Iron Man film knows very well as show off the latest trends. This time the blonde chose a fantastic unstructured and stays black Preen dress.

Design unites brightness to black in a design that has a kind of “spots” in bright purple and some holes in the places indicated. The Paltrow joined ones short open toe booties and voila!: all the rocker with sophisticated look.

But not only Gwyneth joins the trend, the Hilton sisters they made their particular interpretation of glitter rocker, each one according to your style. Paris opted for a heart neckline dress with a bow on the chest of Yves Saint Laurent and platform Tribute in black signature. A more feminine style that the heir to the Empire Hotel ended with a black band the preppy style of Blair Waldorf.

His sister Nicky, a more classic and sober, girl impressed me favorably to choose the version more edgy style thanks to a black dress from Express, firm whose feast was attended by the sisters. A simple black straight dress with metallic appliques, another heiress added one Cross closing eighties leather jacket and some elegant and precious peep – toe’s Christian Louboutin.

Design Very Prive with metallic appliques footwear Designer is the ideal piece to complete a rocker look as I mentioned them yesterday. So, if these girls already were us ahead do not hesitate to go for your garment of brightness rocker already.