The jacket, a garment with history

A blazer should have its natural place in every man’s wardrobe. Ideally a man should take at least two jackets, a jacket as part of a suit and an odd jacket or blazer for occasions when a suit is too much but just a shirt for a little bit. But what about the jacket story? Why do today’s jacket out it does?

Morning coat and Miss

The jacket has its background in a number of different items of clothing which are all closely related.
The origin is from the morning coat with cut rounded hem and a split cool running back to be used for riding daytime where the previously almost exclusively used. Morning coat came in the 1880s to be accepted for daytime use to replace the frock that was knee length and not as handy at horse riding and other activities. Nowadays morning coat almost exclusively on formal occasions such as weddings, receptions and some horse races.


For dinner and the evening was replaced morning gown of tail-coat, which was considered a more formal garments worn only at night. Tuxedo jacket is double-breasted worn untucked, it is more and more a straight cut at the waist than the morning coat and had pointy kind in comparison with the blunt kind on the morning coat. In addition, the tuxedo jacket the characteristic cool run back.

The jacket is born

In the late 1800s and early 1900s began the jacket that we know today to arrive. First, as an informal garment to wear during the day, especially during outdoor activities such as sports or other outdoor activities.
In the beginning it was used primarily on private events, but came to be used more widespread and more informal settings. On more formal occasions daytime used morning coat that is increasingly supplanting the frock. It was mainly older gentlemen who long held it in the use of first frock and then morning coat, especially the shorter jackets that were popular among the younger generation of men. Miss was abandoned altogether, even in the most formal context the 1930s.


During this time also came the tuxedo to increasingly displace tailcoat formally garments evening, except among the most conservative who continued to prefer evening dress.

Tuxedo jacket is slightly longer than waist dress suit jacket, lack cool run and its impact may appear in slightly different ways. Tuxedo jacket worn additionally usually buttoned and can be either single or double-breasted.

The suit

Suit jacket was originally first double-breasted but soon became the standard single-button closure. The blows of his jacket was commonly pointed. Before the mid 30’s were jackets in slim fit and then completely change and be more straight in the fit.

After World War II there were further changes to his jacket. Much of this was due to the rationing that occurred during World War II, which led to several changes. Many men came to prefer the single-breasted jacket in front of the double-breasted, and the jacket fit had changed over the decades from wide to narrow in the waist. Although types were changed during the time and switched back and forth between wide and narrow.

The jacket becomes the default

In the 1970s came the suit to go on sale as a separate jacket and trousers , which made the man himself could choose the size of the jacket and the pants that fit him.
From 1980 to now, the jacket design changed several times, completely dependent on trends . Today, most jackets are made to fit most of fits and styles, however, are blunt impact and easy buttoning the most common.
Jackets may also have either one, two or completely lacking slit in the back even though the two are most common because it is considered the are suitable for most.

The jacket has evolved greatly in the last century, but has a long history spanning hundreds of years back in time. A garment to wear with pride.