You do not have to choose between being hot or trendy when the cold weather and bad weather strikes. Röhnisch autumn and winter jackets pallets any weather, while they are really smart!

Having to choose between function and style in winter is a recurring problem that many will recognize themselves in. It is the Swedish brand Röhnisch seized on, and is therefore investing in outerwear for those who do not want to compromise on design or usability. Annica Rantala’s head of design at Röhnisch sportswear and sorts out the jackets to bet on when the temperature drops!

What are the seasonal trends when it comes to jackets?

– It’s a straighter fit compared to prior valid year. Classic models parkas, bomber jacket and the so-called puffy jacket is the starting point for most of our models. Even the colors are different interpretations of classic colors such as green, black, navy blue and gray, says Annica Rantala. How should I dress my new jacket from you?

– Do you want to be trendy so play with volumes: Let such a jacket with a lot of volume to collide with a slimmer silhouette at the bottom. Play also with style: A sporty jacket is just right to more dressy clothes. Do not match, miss-matching is what counts!

What materials do you use for your jackets?

– We use beaver nylon for its shiny, sleek surface in combination with the fabric is durable and functional. We also use the material activewear twill, which has a crispy finish and is water resistant and windproof. For our most functional jackets, ie those with taped seams and is one hundred percent waterproof, we use a super functional, mottled fabric.

What is it that distinguishes Röhnisch jackets from other brands?

– Röhnisch strive to make jackets that you can feel great in the town, both when you have everyday clothes on you and after you workout clothes. At the same time we also want to add functionality to our jackets. We know that women are smart and discerning. Our customers would like to have the best of both worlds, that is a great look and a jacket that works in any weather.

Which jacket model I must not miss this winter?

– We at Röhnisch recommend Castor Parka for those who want a trendy, durable and practical jacket. Castor Parka is based on a classic parka in beaver nylon, a material that provides a smooth, attractive surface while it is durable and resists rain and wind.