When I saw the shorts type baggy, high waist, in the parade of Chloe for this spring, I thought it was a taxable item. So little flattering that looked like a honeycomb. Jessica Alba dares with a long of this type of pants version, and seen in this photograph, the truth is that it is very pretty. It seems that orgen Hispanic actress wants to get put on the list of women fashion, and dares to everything, even to wear pajamas.

The actress combines the purple baggy high-waisted pants, with a romantic blouse in cream, and with a Snake print bag. Pants are bound ankle to show precious sandals. The Pant loops and frills blouse dan romanticism to the set. Seeing it as well, with their new hair and his inseparable Ray Ban, cutting you want to join these pants fashion when comes the spring.

But every good thing has its bad side (yin and yang), and in this case, bad pants is the back of the same and bags that form as soon as you feel. As you can see in the picture below, the pants gives serious problems to Jessica that is in place. Finally, these are not my pants.