You have purchased a couple of waterproof winter boots to your children. Although it has little ones icy PETTITOES each day for preschool. It may have a simple solution.

To the small child feet get cold after a day at kindergarten even though they have been packed in winter boots does not mean it is wrong either boots or child. Obviously, it is good that the shoes are waterproof, but it’s not enough.

– As a barnfot sweat about two deciliter per day, it is important that the moisture can be transported out of the shoe. Do not breathe the shoes is a risk that the foot becomes very wet and cold, says Jonas Rampe at the shoe company Superfit.

The second thing you need to look at is what socks you put on the child. If you buy a pair of winter shoes of quality to your kids you’ll naturally get the most from the product. Then you should not put the kids on a cotton sock, which absorbs moisture and does not let on anything until it is saturated. A better choice is to buy socks in a mix of wool and acrylic, which does not take the moisture out without help to be transported out of the shoe.

– A common error is to dress the children cotton socks. Everyone knows that it is best with thermal underwear on the body when going to the mountains. The same principle applies in all environments and of course also on the feet, where it produced the most moisture. Also avoid slipping socks in your shoes, because the sock stuck and prevent the foot from moving naturally in the shoe.

If you have bought winter shoes, for example, Gore-Tex, which is both waterproof and breathable, and has sat on the kids stockings in the right material and the still gets cold, you may need to review the practices of the nursery. A common mistake is that where the stop into the shoes of the cabinet along with clothes. As the warm air in a bathroom drawn to the cold bathroom window, preferred the warm air in a drying cabinet to what is coldest. After drying cabinet been in a while and coats started to dry is the coldest place shoes. The warm moist air is drawn then the shoes, which becomes the drying slowest. This means in practice that they rarely have time to dry during nap between morning game outdoors and afternoon.

In the afternoon when the kids go out again the children on a pair of shoes that are hot on the outside and moist on the inside, which means that the child will begin to freeze already at relatively high temperatures.

– is there fluid in the shoes when the kids get them on their feet they will quickly get cold if they’ll be out in a few hours, no matter how warm lined boots are. Instead, wipe the shoes quickly and easily by pulling up the insole to the upper edge of the shoe and let it just be airy and dry. Has the water down into the shoes may need a bit of newsprint to first suck up most of it.

Another common mistake among parents is that children bylsa foot too many socks and stop in for many soles in the shoe. Think about whether it is really necessary with double soles and double socks.

– When filling the entire boot with materials there is ultimately no air left. Then it can also be cold. Our winter boots comes already with a heat insulating soles, and does not need more soles, says Jonas Rampe at Superfit.