Therefore, Trail Shoe Salomon Speed ​​Cross 4 So Popular

Trail shoe Salomon Speed Cross 4 is incredibly popular. Are you looking for a shoe for both löprundorna in the woods and dog walk, this is the shoe for you!

The years go by but Salomon Speed Cross popularity persists. In fact, many who once started to use shoe buying a new pair as soon as the old worn out. Salomon Speed Cross 4 is now a classic trailsko worn by both runners and dog owners.

– I think Solomon Speedcross 4 is so popular thanks to its grip and fit, it stands out against other competitors, says Peter Olsson, sales of Amer Sports, which owns the brand Salomon.

When looking at the sole of the shoe, which is heavily patterned, it appears that it will give you a good grip, how fast you’re running. This applies whether you’re running in irregular terrain, on soft and wet surfaces or in the floodlit track.

– The shoe is made for trail running but we have also seen that it is very popular among dog owners who are outside with their dogs. The shoe gives namely incredibly good grip in the base of the dog starts to pull. Salomon Speed Cross 4 has a sole with super grip even on slippery surfaces!

Besides the sole also helps the shoe fit that you get such a good grip on the ground. Since the shoe fits tightly around the foot and no play makes you get better traction on all types of surfaces.

– Speedcross 4 is tight in fit and should sit tight on the foot, says Peter Olsson.

The fit can be further fine-tuned with the laces. The shoe has a so-called quick lacing system, which means that you will never have to stop and tie a shoelace gone up. Instead, “locks” to the laces and can hide the rest of the string in a smart little pocket on the shoe’s tongue on tongue.

– The cord is strong and stable and designed to keep even if you get caught in branches and other things when you run.

Speedcross 4 is reinforced in front of the toes as a protection in case you run into rocks and other hard objects during your run or walk. And do you want a waterproof shoe is Speedcross 4 in two models with waterproof and breathable membrane: Speedcross 4 CS, where CS stands for ClimaShield, Salomon’s own membrane, or Speedcross 4 GTX, where the GTX is an abbreviation for Gore-Tex.