Icebreaker Everyday’s underwear in merino wool as you can, and the like, use every day. It warms when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm and super soft to wear!

The garments included in the Icebreaker Everyday series owes its name to the right is the garment that you can use every day. The single-colored underwear has flat seams and are designed to look like the basics, you can seamlessly have on you, for example, under your shirt at work, during your shell jacket on the promenade, during wind jacket on training or as a warm base camp in the mountains.

– This is the garment for all. Base makes the most difference when you move outdoors but works just as well to have on the job during the winter, says Per Swartling, sales manager at Icebreaker in Sweden.

Icebreaker is specialized in garments in merino wool and Everyday garments are made of one hundred percent merino wool.

– Merino wool is known for its many fine qualities. The wool incredibly airy and easy care. We guarantee that it will not sting or itch. Merino wool does not smell either, not when it is dry or when wet. It also has the nice property that moisture enters the fiber, which makes it feel like you’re dry even though you are sweaty.

You can count on a garment from Icebreaker keep for at least three years, depending on how you care about it so clearly.

– You do not have to wash a garment in Merino wool so often. It is best to hang out garment and let it air dry outdoors overnight, then clean it herself. Washing instructions for washing machines is 30 degrees on the wool program with wool detergent, fabric conditioner and no tumble.

A garment from Icebreaker costs a little more, but you pay not only for sustainable quality, but also because the sheep have a good life.

– The sheep we take wool from having a guaranteed good life. They may run free, they are medicated and they are cut by experienced people. We work with 200 selected farmers who use sustainable concept and where we have contracts on working, says Per Swartling, and continues:

– And if you look at the environmental aspect, it is merino completely biodegradable. It contains no plastics that go out in nature and among other sits in the gills of fish.

If you are thinking about buying a home Icebreaker Everyday garments, it is good to know that the sizes are normal. But it does not matter if the garment is not super tight.

– Merino wool Garments do not need to sit tight, they absorb moisture and sends it anyway. But if it sits tight against your body becomes more technologically because it dries faster when it is against the skin.