Should you just buy a jacket in the fall? Check out the smooth and warm Essence Mimic Hood from Haglöfs! Also, the 100 percent dunfri.

A thinner jacket with stitched panels, so called dunliner, is fantastic. But there are times when down is out of the question, if you are allergic, do not want to support dunindustrin or think that down too heavy and smelly when it rains. Then a Mimic Essence Hood from Haglöfs is a great alternative.

– Compared to a dunliner so keep this jacket heat on an equally good way and it is also less expensive than many dunvarianter. We have developed a material that we stopped it with that dries in just five minutes, says Daniel Cohn at Haglöfs as he dips into a handful of stuffing in a bowl of water and demonstrates what he just told. (And yes, it is completely dry after just five minutes!)

But even though the jacket dries quickly, and has an outer fabric that is impregnated so that the jacket is water repellent, do not wear it when it’s pouring rain.

– If it’s just a bit of rain so it sparkles on the jacket. But if it raining cats and dogs can have a waterproof shell jacket over your Essence Mimic Hood. That is what is so good with so-called liners, you can have them both as a jacket, but also as an intermediate layer.

If you had only intended to buy a new jacket this season so is this a good choice. It is ideal both as you walk around town and when you’re out in the woods. It fits simply anyone who wants to be outdoors.

– The only thing it is not ideal for the intense activities, as if to go on ski tours or pumpkin powder. Then you need to choose a jacket that breathe better. But for all other uses and intense activities outdoors suits good. You can basically have the 365 days of the year, except the very hottest days.

The jacket is smooth in two ways. First, the packable in his own pocket, for example, you need to put it in a backpack. Although the fit is smooth. Since the liners are intended to be used as an extra layer is often little tighter in fit and Essence Mimic Hood is no exception.

– It is normal in size but the jacket itself is a tight model, in order to fit it in a shell jacket for the bucket. HERE you will find the Essence Mimic Hood for both women and men. The jacket costs 2195 SEK, regular price.