We all know that a rainy Sunday like today is the perfect day to get nostalgic. Today we are going to travel to our childhood through a garment that we loved, boots of water or Katiuskas. A comfortable shoe that we hoped to get to jump in the puddles with total freedom. Do you remember them?

Water boots fashion has become and as you know Mark Hunter It is the one that takes the cake in it comes to wellington boots. Street girls and celebrities have succumbed to her charms. So much so that last year sold out in our country before arriving at holiday times. Not only Hunter boots of this type has, We have many alternatives to show you…We only advise that you get a pair as soon as possible, do the reasons? are fun, comfortable and they are trendy. We show a selection of which we like. See!

We started with the model classic and in the streets. We are talking about the brand Hunter and its high boot in black. A windfall for days where rain can surprise us at any time. NET – porter suggest us to use with a look like this: coat or poncho in black and skinny jeans, simple and functional.

The expert in waterproof boots, Hunter, distinguished by the variety of models offered in this type of boots. These much more striking silver and lace-up to differentiate themselves from the classical model.

Mark See by Chloe also points to the Wellington boots with models like this. For more fun great girls who love jumping in puddles. A lot more naive.

Marc Jacobs reinvented boot rain or katiuska putting a heel for a more sophisticated touch. Padded and a nice cream.

And you? Have you already released your boots of water?