At this point in the summer, we know each other inside out the trends of the season: sailor, denim, military, lingerie, etc. It can be even up to tired of so many stripes and both khaki green. So the trick that we propose today is mix several trends in the same look. It is much better than it can seem at first.

And if you don’t believe me, take a look at these looks of famous He mixed trends very wisely:

Look at that pretty will Sophia Bush with its dress lencero, covered by a military jacket. And even left well Roman Sandals to the knee, a garment that does not count among my favorite. It manages to remove part of the romantic air of the dress to create a very modern look.

Guapa same goes Isabel Lucas, mixing a little darker jeans with boots a total of long shirt and skinny denim look military. A casual look that works well (although I know that live in Madrid for down you have to grill only think about boots, but the gentle Northern summer temperatures allow us to these mixtures).

It also points to the military boots Rihanna, It creates a look destroy from a shirt and a skirt with Ruffles of the most romantic. A style is not suitable for all.

I am delighted also Sarah Michelle Gellar, that mix successfully a romantic top with sports wear as leggings. A strange mixture that surprisingly works.

Same as the one proposed by us Rachel Bilson: Cowgirl up a transparent top shirt. A casual garment that combines very well with something more sophisticated, allowing us to look a more designed garment for evening looks day.

I hope you like them are proposed, that allow us to get more out of shopping for the season, and you know touches mixed trends!.