We advise it to you and now the latest news from the world of fashion industry do not but corroborate what we already announced: not only Burberry sell your collection after the parade, Tommy Hilfiger It has also just announced a change in its strategy to democratize the gateway and position the customer as the center of your business.

Starting from the next New York Fashion Week for the spring-summer 2017, Tommy Hilfiger has announced that the collection presented will be available immediately through all sales channels, including the network of retail business at a global level. This change will allow consumers to instantly acquire these items under the concept of “Purchase now. USA now”.

This news adds to which we gave on February 9 in which I already communicated since the month of September 2016, Burberry announced that it would limit its traditional 4 annual parades two, one in February and another in September, presenting in each one of them as the as the male female collections.

Nothing more collections be tabled in these parades would be immediately after available in the flagships mark. The idea was to reduce considerably the time between runways and the availability of items in stores.

A new strategic shift which joins the already manifested will of unify the set of its offer. I.e., the lines Prorsum, London and Brit under a single logo.

Is clear that things are changing in the world of fashion from live, past projections by the orders You can do directly from parades to the campaigns on social networks live. All these measures are a step in the creative process that will continue to evolve.

Burberry will also work in conjunction with the Menswear London Collections in order to be able to play a significant role in these key times of men’s fashion calendar.

A small revolution within the fashion industry which has also just added Tom Ford to be able to adapt to a world that increasingly becomes more instantaneous, because people want what you want here and now. The collections will be unveiled just as they reach the shops. This will allow to satisfy the growing desire of the brand customers get your clothes as soon as they are ready to get them and take them to the streets.