The choice of the 10 best dressed of Zara of the collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 It is not an easy task since options there are so many that you have to opt for choosing some of the prevailing fashions. It is impossible to cover the whole but it could well be extended to a greater number of dresses.

10 dresses according to the current trends. Trends that may like more or less, but that are fashionable. Then now each will choose what is your style, nothing to choose this or that dress because it’s the trend. Nonsense. That the eight, the beige dresses and long, like us because we already have a choice. That does not, here are 9 ideas more to choose from.

Zara camel dresses

The camel It is one of the colors that are raging between the marks this Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011. In dresses, it is great, very elegant and distinguished. Smooth designs, for every day, with almost everything and tired not to view. A safe purchase.

Dot with stamped winter

Every year it is celebration Christmas with more advance as time passes. The fashion you want to add to this with the patterned winter dresses point in black and white that are perfect for this season. This one incorporates the high neck detail to give a special touch.

Zara dresses with lace

The lace fashion He started strong this season between the marks, I thought I was going to enter more strongly the road even though it is not easy to wear, but at the end it has been in no man’s land by what I see. Yet the lace is one of the trends of fashion this fall and in Zara we have the right dress to wear it. Short, with minimal sleeves and blank.

Floral prints for autumn dresses

A trend that timeless is the of the floral prints. You can see that we like to remember the summer. The brands they offer us two types of dresses for this style. Or large flowers either tiny. The two options are worth. I bet in this case by the latter because I love this short dress in blue.

Animal print dresses

Even though I have mania and you can not see them or in paint, the animal print dresses do not abandon us. This season brands they like to make us suffer with the print more choni that exists and people love him. The famous don’t stop choosing it for their looks. So (almost) everyone happy.

Dresses with air retro at Zara

A trend that I do like is the recovery of the dressed in flight. Retro style allows you to see new dresses as the image, with a pretty skirt with flight and a belt with a bow. With a pair of shoes drawing style castellanos or dancers have a safe combination.

Pictures at Zara dresses

The pictures Nor let us this fall. The memory of the collegiate stage like brands and people. As a result we have good looks, easy to get and very comfortable for the day to day.

The naive in Zara dresses style

The naive style of some trendsetters doesn’t pass unnoticed for Zara and other companies low-cost, by what offer us dresses with a retro touch in dealing with design. Black background and pointillist style with a collar of waves in white to generate the contrast with the rest of the dress.

Dresses at Zara

The designs in question of dresses at Zara focusing, above all, in the black, which is the color chosen by the famous for these dresses. A perfect color which then has the option to take it as you like it more. To me the brow style, with long sleeves and a little black dress of minimum length, I love.