It is time to beach, pool and, of course, of Choose bikini. The famous point to look the latest trends in bikinis on the best beaches, and if you want to know what kind of bikini are this Summer 2010, you do not have more than a glimpse that they carry.

The more nuanced can inspire in Selena Gomez and in her flower bikini, which is reinforced sufficiently to encourage women who have more chest and have that little.

A Rihanna the more wild going, and her bikini with animal print and color reflects its special taste for clothes.

Miley Cyrus you prefer to combine different tones in the upper and lower part of the bikini. A trend fun, and above all, very practical. Mixes allow you to reuse your different bikinis and give them a new style.

The most classic bikinis can not fail any summer. Black smooth, looks like Ashley Tisdale It is a sure hit year after year. By the way, or groom is very high, or it is a shotgun what a difference in height!.

Although Ashley Tisdale either makes you baulk at the print tie dye hippie flair to your walks in the Sun.

Whitney Port opt for a bikini in nude tones, so, at first glance, it makes it look like she is naked. Bad choice.

The androgynous Agyness Deyn you try to give a bit of feminine forms your male body with Ruffles in the bikini, a resource that should not be despised if your body is athletic and slim hips.

The strapless bikinis, as of Megan Fox, they are the best option to avoid incordiosas strap marks, although I usually do is combine different bikinis with different straps and give me much sunscreen, to pick up a Tan uniform and avoid the Zebra effect.

Have you chosen already bikini that Toast you in the Sun this summer? My choice has been one with H & M halter neckline in shades of chocolate, which looks like Megan Fox (my body is very similar, if you ask it, lol), that some days combine with the lower part of a bikini last year that mixes blue klein with Brown.