There are no half-measures. Or we stick the trousers and ahuecamos wing of our borsalino or we enfundamos us in gauze and cute animals rises in infarct platforms. The mishmash of styles is more than clear in recent seasons and over time will surely lead us to return of the minimalism 90, after both fru fru, gigantoides and bustiers bib necklaces of infarction with precious stones of india.

Do we want to be male or female?. In some cases like the looks of Sienna Miller y Keyra Knightley, It is clear to us that we can be both.

Let’s begin opposing various images of fashion and looks of streetstylers that both together and apart, I have requetegustado. We return to the masculine. What could be if not a blazer? and a few classic 501? A ten for the look and the feathered headdress, not so hard to make ourselves.

The high trend “I dressed in the rags of my boyfriend” with the culmination of the feminine tendency in a beautiful editorial of Voque Japan. Much eyeliner, false pestanaza and chiffon everywhere with a touch of Moulin Rouge.

A wonderful Miranda Kerr with a singular photo and styling. Your guy, than pants not Orlando whose size is similar to that of Miranda, and overlaps in sweatshirts.

Vogue Japan and another of the beautiful images. With a raffia as pamela, no Knight does not resist. Can add you a draped skirt with the manner of Balenciaga winter 2010, a mane to the Veronica Lake with Tong, lip rouge and much much pose.

Could the same woman bring these two outfits? Of course that Yes, that is. An image that I do not know why I pointed to Tom Waits. Skinny, borsalino and dancers.

Doubt is eliminated, would why a day male and female one?. We do as Sienna Miller y Keyra in the film the edge of love, love for the poet Dylan Thomas By the way.

Sienna with a skirt of tables and body with Ruffles and the masculine touch of a Bogart hat. And Keyra, with Provencal chiffon cardigan wool dress.

Top with another wise mishmash of Sienna Miller and my favorite look of the Glastonbury festival. T-shirt to the Marlon Brando in golden age, jeans shorts, boots of farmer from Wisconsin and hat to the Casablanca who gives more?