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Uruguay is an ideal combination country when traveling through Argentina. We recommend a bathing extension on the dune beaches of the wild Atlantic coast and a visit to the sea lion colonies on the protected Isla de Lobos. The most famous seaside resort is Punta del Este , about 140 km east of the capital Montevideo. In the midsummer months of December to February, the city is the meeting point of the fashionable South American world. There are international sporting events and fashion shows .

A Car Tour with overnight stays in lovingly restored estancias provides a good insight into the small country on the Rio de la Plata. Many farms produce organic wine or cheese here, and gauchos offer excursions on horses.

In terms of landscape, Uruguay represents the geographical extension of the Argentine pampas. The south of the country is flat and drops steeply on the coasts. The colonial city of Colonia del Sacramento (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995) with its picturesque old town is well worth seeing .


National language: Spanish

Capital: Montevideo, approx. 1.3 million inhabitants, 9 m above sea level. M.

Local time: CET -4 hours

Airport fee upon departure: approx. US $ 12 (constant changes)

Entry requirements: Valid passport for stays of up to 90 days.

Local currency: 1 Uruguayan Peso (UYU)

Recommendation: US $ bills in small bills, EC cards with the Maestro symbol are accepted by almost all banks (fee per charge approx. € 4). International credit cards are accepted in all major hotels and shops.

Power supply: 220 volts AC, 50 Hz., European plug

Best travel time: According to youremailverifier, you can travel to Uruguay all year round without any problems. November to March pleasant climate with temperatures of 25-30 ° C. For a bathing stay we recommend the travel time December to the end of February.

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8 days short trip from Colonia del Sacramento to Montevideo

  • Everything from a single source: can also be booked with flights from Germany / Austria / Switzerland
  • Exclusively for 2 people
  • Travel with a private guide
  • Implementation daily

Culture and history, gauchos and estancias, nature reserves and dune beaches – you will find this diversity very close together in Uruguay. Get to know the highlights of the country through active elements such as bike tours or dune trekking.

Day 1: Colonia del Sacramento

Transfer from the port in Colonia to the hotel. City tour through the cobbled streets of the historic old town and bike tour along the Río de la Plata to Finca La Primavera, where an olive oil tasting awaits you.

Day 2: Colonia del Sacramento – Montevideo

Transfer to the bus station (without RL). Take the bus to Montevideo (without RL). After lunch in Montevideo’s famous port market, city tour. F / M

Day 3: Montevideo – Estancia

Drive through the modern district of Montevideo with a special insight into the Uruguayan candombe tradition. Then transfer to the bus terminal (without RL) and travel in the public bus in the direction of Castillo (without RL). Transfer to an estancia near Cabo Polonio (without RL). FA

Day 4: Estancia

Watch the gauchos at work, watch rare species of birds and enjoy a typical “asado” (barbecue lunch). In the afternoon you can explore the wonderful landscape with a horse ride or a walk. F / M / A

Day 5: Estancia – Cabo Polonio – La Paloma

Excursion to Cabo Polonio. After a short walk through Valizas, the trekking along the coast to the shifting dunes begins. At noon visit to the lighthouse and one of the world’s largest sea lion reserves. Transfer to La Paloma (without RL). F / M

Day 6: La Paloma – La Barra

From La Paloma, today’s excursion begins with a bike tour to the Rocha lagoon. Then you paddle along the lagoon in a canoe. After a picnic lunch transfer to José Ignacio and on to La Barra (without RL). F / LB

Day 7: Punta del Este

In the morning you have the choice between a kayak tour, a bike tour or a horse ride. After a picnic lunch, you will get to know Punta del Este on a tour. F / LB

Day 8: La Barra – Montevideo

Transfer to the bus terminal (without RL) and travel by bus to Montevideo (without RL). Transfer to the port / airport (without RL). F.

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