Visit Worth Seeing Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visit Worth Seeing Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Here you will find study trips and round trips through the metropolises of Bosnia-Herzegovina


Take a group tour to Sarajevo, the capital and seat of government of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tour Sarajevo’s highlights such as Bascarsija Square in the old town, the National Theater, the Academy of Arts, the Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque, the main post office, the city hall, the UNIS towers and other landmarks that you will never forget. Enjoy the days in Sarajevo on a beautiful city trip.

Dervish Monastery of Blagaj (Tekija)

Monastery on the banks of the Buna spring in a picturesque setting

Blagaj Tekija is a dervish monastery near the city of Mostar in Bosnia that is almost 600 years old. Located at the foot of a cliff, next to the source of the Buna River, it is a unique and picturesque series of buildings that look even prettier in real life than in pictures in travel brochures. Blagaj Tekija Monastery was first established at the height of the Ottoman Empire. Time and stone slides, however, led to extensive repairs and alterations to the buildings. Today, thanks mainly to the financial support of a Turkish travel agent, the ancient structures look largely the same as they used to be.

Breathtaking landscape and tourist infrastructure

The house of worship is a short drive from Mostar and the route is along a beautiful single lane road along the Buna. Of course there is more to see here than just the ancient dervish taster. Several restaurants line the banks of the river and offer breathtaking views that can be enjoyed while eating. There are also some souvenir shops here, where memorabilia and gifts can be purchased for those who stayed at home. There is a fee to enter the monastery, but it seems very low given the cost of maintaining a place like this one.

Still a spiritual place but open to travelers

Blagaj was a permanent residence of some dervishes, a unique example in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Compared to a monastic lifestyle in Christian monasteries, the dervishes did not live there, but only gather here at a certain point in time for a common prayer and worship. The Tekija in Blagaj was an exception to the rule as they belonged to the Bektashi order, which promoted a monastic lifestyle. Although now mainly used as a tourist attraction, Blagaj is still a sacred place. The services are still held regularly and the whole place offers a calm and beautiful atmosphere.

Una National Park

Recreation and activities in the Una National Park / Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Una National Park was only established in May 2008, making it the youngest of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not as popular as the famous Croatian Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is known from the classic Karl May films, but it offers just as much natural beauty and is well worth a visit.

Magnificent river landscapes in an undiscovered natural gem

The park’s name is derived from the Una River in the north-west of the country, not far from the border with Croatia. The Una National Park is one of three in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In addition to Una, the tributaries Krka and Unac contribute to the abundance of water in the national park; The first is only a few kilometers long, the second over 60. Since the Una river is very calcareous, beautiful cascades form. The limestone formations called Sedras are a unique feature of the river, which otherwise has deep gorges and spectacular waterfalls as well as numerous rapids to offer. No wonder that rafters and canoeists feel particularly comfortable here.

A unique park for everyone

A large part of the park is covered by various forests, as well as pastures and meadows. The fauna and flora are correspondingly diverse. Wild animals such as lynx, wolf, bear, wild boar and red deer also have their habitat here, as do sea eagles and golden eagles, peregrine falcons and a good 120 other bird species. Nature lovers as well as hikers get their money’s worth. The national park extends over almost 200 square kilometers and can be entered through six entrances. The aim of the measure to set up such a nature park in this part of the country was and is the thought of protecting the unique landscape and the sustainable use of the diverse nature.

Sustainable recovery

In fact, it is worth visiting the famous Martin Brod and Štrbački buk waterfalls, taking a study trip to the park, and visiting local communities such as Kulen Vakuf. In addition to the aforementioned hiking and rafting, cycling, fishing and diving are other activities that make a visit to the Una National Park unforgettable. Here everyone can relax in their own way, starting with the ever new views of nature. The Una National Park also has cultural attractions to offer, such as the Serbian Orthodox monastery Rmanj in Brod. Several mainly private overnight accommodations are offered within the protected area.

Visit Worth Seeing Cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina