Why You Should Choose a Down Jacket From 8848 Altitude

Swedish brand 8848 Altitude makes down jackets of high quality. Here’s everything you want to know about the bounce, environmental thinking and why they fit you living an active life.

8848 Altitude is well known for its ski garments, but also develop other warm and rugged winter garments since 1990 when the Swedish brand was started. A young design team was commissioned to produce clothes for Swedish Mount Everest Expedition. It was the first successful Swedish expedition – they reached the top. With over 25 years of expertise in clothing for high alpine use and skiing have understood 8848 Altitude solid knowledge of how down garments are designed, and is therefore a popular favorite among customers. Down coat with a high fill power and water resistant outer shell, 8848 Altitude, regular price 2495 SEK. What are the strengths of 8848 Altitudes garments? – There are many advantages, one is that we have a very high level of quality and an eye on the entire chain from raw materials to production. We are working very conscious suppliers and has a long-term cooperation to constantly refine products and also production processes. Environmental work is central to us and we strive for daily improvement and a reduced footprint. A high quality is the foundation for developing products that stand up to much – and for many years, says Melanie Lindblom Designs at 8848 Altitude. How do you think when you select the down to the jackets? – When it comes dunplaggen we have done a very conscious ethical choice and uses only down from duck, that is, not goose down altogether. Duck down warm as well but is a natural excess product from the food industry, it is produced under carefully controlled conditions, and most importantly: It never picked from live animals. What do you do more for ethical choices? – On the down garments, there may be a fur collar, which course is nice and appreciated in the winter cold. We have chosen not to use animal fur in general, all of our fur collars are one hundred percent synthetic. Fine dunliner with proper hood,8848 Altitude , regular price 1195 crowns. What advantages do you even from your knowledge surrounding ski clothes? – Unlike cheaper variations of such dunliners, then thin down jackets with stitched panels, we have a little more form-fitting adapted for an active life, such as skiing. A dunliner fit to wear under a shell jacket without being bulky and cumbersome. Sometimes we also use stretch fabric in the design to get extra freedom of movement. There may also be small details that make the difference, as the drawstrings at the bottom or lycra cuffs in ärmavsluten that keeps snow and wind away. Although the garment weight and pack probability is important for a skier. Should you, for example, put the jacket in the backpack on a ski touring, it must be easy to pack. Down jackets from 8848 Altitude you can find HERE. Ultralight dunsweater with half down and half synthetic, 8848 Altitude, regular price 999 SEK.