Huge necklaces and rings maxi, These are add-ins that gain this season making look a simple evening dress as if it were the latest creation of Dior or Chanel. All the look should be dramatic. We have from simple pieces with a single stone to work recamados on a high.

The central point of all is that it is too much. And here the phrase less is more that does not apply. The jewelry should be sumptuous. Or when less look like this. It doesn’t matter if they are real or fake stones. The point is that they are very elaborate and large.

The semi-precious stones they are a great choice, gives a special touch to every outfit and very even though mine replaced the bracelet of the past seasons. The focus of attention are this time your neck and your hands. Even earrings become a background.

This is time to go to the jeweler for your grandmother and recover those maxianillos of stones, with curfews in metal or very recamados. Or assault your mother and find all that collection of necklaces from semiprecious stones with a 70s touch.

Many firms of jewelry have opted for the maxi. Bvlgari It used to be extremely conservative plasma its more feminine style with yellow gold and colored stones. It makes Mercedes Werner with a jewelry that’s subtle have nothing and have one lower cost than any part that comes with the added Bvlgari.

But if not enough colors with encrusted pearls with the Italian firm, also offers us upgraded metal maxianillos with geometric shapes. East of the collection Conbocho I love Orange gold.

If the Austrian Crystal is your thing, as it is for me, Swarovski has a fantastic collection of rings in black and white. Large semi-transparent stones with geometric cuts that make them shine with every movement. But it also has large stones of water drop necklaces. Fabulous!

Balenciaga It opts for more subtle to form a collar that simulates a cherry tree in flower with pearls and diamonds instead of petals and drops of drizzle. This if that is exalted.

In addition, H. Stern It shines with stones of non-symmetrical shape with curves and movement in large rings that you can combine each other. We also offer necklaces of gold filaments and maxi Austrian Crystal stones. It is as if up again the style of ethnic Princess removing feathers, wood and other touches and were left only the pure stone and more elaborate metal.

If you want more stones must look to the designs of Susan Hanover, who with colored stones achieves the perfect effect for the winter which will never be as warm as with these great necklaces. Quartz, pyrite, obsidian, all in their different shades.

And finally, the more conservative style of Carrera y Carrera It follows the trend in a Baroque and very city sense.

Would seem these gems? Do they dare with them? I think that it is time to go to the hippies to assemble your own maxi necklace.